Distance Healing

(with a Crystal Photo Grid and mini reading)

Are you experiencing stress?
Are you feeling stuck?
Do you find it difficult to listen to your gut feeling?
You might have lost your connection with yourself…
It's time to get off autopilot and turn inward!

A distance healing session supports you on a physical, mental, emotional & energetic level.
Mainly on an energetic level, blockages can arise, as a result of which the energy no longer flows properly, resulting in complaints on other levels.

Everything is energy. Yes, absolutely everything!

When energy points in your body become overloaded, it does not flow as smoothly anymore.
These knots in your energy slow down the natural flow of your energy.
This can arise when, for example, emotions are not expressed, or if you experience something that you cannot process well.

A healing session ensures that your energy flows again and brings body, mind and soul into balance. It helps to ground you and clears your energy field, so that you feel more connected to your body, you experience more inner peace, you feel more love and compassion for yourself and you feel lighter and more energetic.

A healing is a beautiful way to keep your body healthy and to give yourself the healing and loving attention you deserve. Everyone encounters blockages. The road to where you want to be is not a paved, straight route. It is a climb, not only up but also with valleys that you have to go through. If your chakras are in balance and energy can flow well,
then you feel energetically balanced and comfortable in your own skin.

A remote Healing session...
That may sound a little strange,
but for the universal life energy, time and distance are irrelevant.

Distance treatments can be given to people (adults and children)  and pets, in case of illness, pain, certain themes or problems, but also at special moments or when you can use some extra energy or relaxation.

The advantage of this treatment is that the energy can reach you wherever and whenever you want. That's why I offer this * worldwide.

A distance healing from me, works as follows:

♡ We schedule an appointment, we set a day and time for the session;

♡ You send me a recent, unedited, clear, photo for the crystal photo grid (where there is only you on the photo), your full name and date of birth;

♡ I tune in to your energy;
Ωç I print out your photo and intuitively place a crystal grid on your photo;
♡ Each crystal has its own effect, and for every conceivable (health) complaint there are always several crystals possible;
♡ I activate the grid;
♡ I do a small cardreading for you;
♡ We have contact in advance and I will treat you remotely at the agreed time;
♡ I give the remote healing session on the crystal photo grid;
♡ I recommend that you sit or lie down comfortably at the time of treatment
and take time for yourself;
♡ After the healing, when everything is still clearly in your mind, write down for yourself what you experienced and what your impressions were. I will do this too;
♡ After the healing I will call you and we will briefly discuss what you have experienced, what feedback I have and then I will draw a card for you;
♡ Afterwards you will receive the cards, the digital photo grid and the meaning of the stones.

During the treatment I work intuitively and attuned to you as an individual and the needs of your body, mind and soul. You are in the comfort of your own environment, and I will work in the background with your energetic body.

Your investment

EUR 88,-