Grief Counseling

No one escapes loss. Sooner or later you will be confronted with it.
I lost my mother to her breast cancer battle very early on, when she was only 52 years old. 
I unexpectedly lost my brother at  the young age of only 28.

The death of someone close to you can have a major impact on your life. After a passing, mourning often follows. However, this is not the only kind of grieving process.

Here are a few examples: 
Your life partner may choose to take a different path and want a divorce; 
You can get into an accident and become physically limited; 
You could lose your job and wonder: what now;
You can get confronted with the disappointment of an impossible desire to have children; 
Missed opportunities or loss of your youth.

How do you ever get over the pain of loss? Why does this hurt so much? Why is it happening to you? Why is it so unfair? How can you detach from that pain when it runs so deep? What if you don't want to feel that pain anymore? How will you ever get over this?
Grief can trigger many reactions in you. 
I can help you reduce these problems. Grieving is an intensive process that requires a lot of attention. It is a process that everyone experiences and goes through in their own way.

Grieving can sometimes be difficult. It is an art to set out step by step with a backpack full of difficult and beautiful memories. On this journey you must learn to deal with adversity, fear, sadness and all the other emotions that come with it in order to better understand and trust yourself. Trust that what is, will pass. And sometimes come back again. And passes again...

As a grief counselor, I can accompany you for a while in your grieving process. I believe in restoring the unity between body, soul and spirit. Together we reflect on your life and what your loss has meant to you. How has the loss experience influenced your life and how can you shape your life again. Beautiful moments in life naturally also have a place in this. You will experience  how sadness, strength and joy can co-exist in your life.
It is very beautiful to see how people find the strength to continue with their lives after a personal loss. Everyone in his/her own way, just as everyone walks their own path on the path of mourning. No matter how difficult and hopeless something was, afterwards people often say that they have also learned. That they have discovered new qualities in themselves, that they fill their lives differently, that old dreams are replaced by new ones, that new meaning arises.

Who is grief counseling suitable for?
This form of guidance is intended for people who have experienced a serious loss, and who do not want to look for a way to deal with this on their own.
Several forms of guidance are possible: from coaching sessions, guided ceremonies, healing sessions to readings.

When is it time to start taking care of yourself? 
Do you wait until you really can't get out of bed and no longer function? 
Wil you let your mourning process  completely take over and make you fall into a depression? You don't want to lose the stability you still have and certainly don't want to become dependent on others.
This is not how you want to continue, you are a go-getter who wants to move on. 
That is why I am going to teach you to grieve in a way that completely suits you and where you are in control. So that you learn to understand yourself and your emotions and know what you can do yourself to make your life bearable with grief.

Do you want to know more about coping with loss and grief?
Do you have a question about an (imminent) loss, due to, among other things, death, divorce, illness, loss of work? Contact me for a free and clarifying introductory meeting.

As a certified coach, counselor and experience expert in the field of grief, I can help you get through a difficult period.

Do you have questions and/or do you want to schedule an appointment with me?
 Feel free to contact me.

♡ With love, Valerie

Your investment

Orientation session  EUR 66,-
Grief counseling session  EUR 88,-
Traject 10 sessions / free orientation session   EUR 888,-