(Deep Dive) Healing Experience 

An intense combination session of Healing, Reading and Guidance.

Everything is energy.  Yes, absolutely everything!
When energy points in your body become overloaded, it does not flow as smoothly anymore.
These knots in your energy slow down the natural flow of your energy.
This can arise when, for example, emotions are not expressed, or if you experience something that you cannot process well. A healing experience is an intense session that will make your energy flow again and bring body, mind and soul into balance. 

A ( Deep Dive) Healing Experience is suitable for adults.
It's an 1:1 session and it's a deep dive into yourself, your soul, your being.
It is a beautiful way to keep your body healthy and to give yourself the healing and loving attention you deserve. Everyone encounters blockages. The road to where you want to be is not a paved, straight route. It is a climb, not only up but also with valleys that you have to go through. If your chakras are in balance and energy can flow well, then you feel energetically balanced and comfortable in your own skin.

The Healing Experience and the Deep Dive Healing Experience are restricted 
to my Practice in Brielle, the Netherlands. 
Both Experiences consist of a combination of healing, reading and guidance. 
What is the difference? 
The difference is the time and the financial/ energetic investment.
The Healing Experience takes up to 1,5 hours.
The Deep Dive Healing Experience takes up to 3 hours.
A Deep Dive Healing Experience is a double Healing Experience.
Meaning: more time- to dive deeper.
I also offer Ceremonial Deep Dive Healing Experiences. 
This is an deep dive which is integrated in a personalized 1:1 crystal grid ceremony.  

My practice is set up comfortable so you can completely relax.
Blankets and soft pillows are always available.
You can keep your clothes on during the treatment.
It is wise to wear comfortable clothing.
I always play relaxing music in the background and I work with a combination of techniques:
For the healing part you can think of aromatherapy, healing sounds, Huna Healing, Reiki, crystal therapy, crystal grids, among other things.
During the reading part I channel messages. On top of everything I feel, know, see and hear,
I sometimes use my Tarot cards.
For the guidance part I use my coach qualities, family constellations and NLP.

It definitely must be experienced.
I hope I get to welcome you soon!

Your investment:

Healing Experience   EUR 111,-
Deep Dive Healing Experience   EUR 222,-
Ceremonial Deep Dive Healing Experience  EUR 333,-