Life coach guidance

Your daily activities can turn from  pleasure to an obstacle. There might not be an obvious reason for this. You might notice that certain situations are putting an increasing amount of pressure on you.

I can help you when you:

  • are ready to dive deeper;
  • feel lost;
  • want to get better in guarding your boundaries;
  • feel your life is not exciting anymore;
  • are looking for your inner fire;
  • don’ t know what makes you happy and you want to re/discover your passion;
  • need to boost your self-confidence;  
  • the balance in your life lost;
  • want to make your own choices;
  • feel like your falling short;
  • want to peel yourself like the layers of an onion to get back to your core;
  • if you want to get (back) in touch with your intuition;
  • experience negative thoughts, stress and self-doubt; 
  • desire a life with purpose and meaning but you don’t know where to start;
  • want to understand yourself better;
  • have problems with relationships;
  • feel confused about what to do next in your life or your career;
  • are a people pleaser and then get frustrated because you don’t get the same in return;
  • have doubts about your career, relationship or want to have children;
  • have you recently experienced major events;
  • have unprocessed things from the past that bother you;
  • have been focused on your relationship all your life and is it now over;
  • always have taken care of others... and now it's time for YOU;
  • really want to be heard;
  • feel it's time to clear up (generational) old pain and old trauma? So that your child(ren) do not have to carry these burdens....

I focus on your individual experience and the role you have in your environment. 
We will therefore first formulate personal and specific goals for you. 
Through coaching you gain insight into how your behavioral patterns and those of others work. This will help you discover how to avoid getting stuck. You learn to adjust your behavior to achieve your goals. Everyone is valuable and unique. Every person has qualities and strengths. Due to circumstances it may be that you no longer recognize them and you doubt yourself. I want to look for your values, your talents and your strength together with you. Without judgement from outsiders. 
So that you can go back in the direction you want in your life.


Negative thoughts act like internal invisible enemies. They are a set of automatic and habitual mind patterns, each with its own voice,  beliefs, and assumptions that work against your best interest. Basically there is an internal war for domination between different parts of your brain. You can learn how to switch from negative thoughts to positive thoughts.


 Fear, Sadness Jealousy, Loneliness, Anger, Joy, Trust, Love… Emotions are the strongest force that move every human being. You can use your emotions to make you stronger or to become vulnerable and live in pain. The choice is yours. Once your mind gets organised, the way you think is the way you feel: your emotions will get organised.


Meditation and Breathing are sources of power, and function like a battery charger. Most of us don’t even think about it. But meditation and the way you breathe can impact your whole body, regulating important functions such as blood pressure and heart rate. Practicing meditation and breath work can have multiple health benefits including mental clarity, focus and weight control.


Mind and body are one system. There is a flow of information between body and mind at different levels. It is common knowledge that stress and emotions can affect the immune system. It’s not a one-way link. Studies have shown that sport can improve mental focus. We can create illness in the body by the way we think, and conversely, can we feel better in our bodies through our mind.

After years of riding a roller coaster with one loop followed by another,
I have finally found my peace, my happiness, my mission and my place. During your sessions you will receive my full attention and presence. This creates a lot of connection and depth, which brings you closer to yourself again.  During the sessions we'll discover your unique individual. You will gain insight and awareness about your behavior and core values.
I encourage you to look at yourself and your situation with curiosity and understanding and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. I encourage you to choose what you 'really' need. The strength that is within everyone is sometimes covered or even paralyzed by fears, traumas and insecurity.

Coaching is an investment in yourself. Simple yet powerful tools give you insights and develop lasting changes that will benefit you for the rest of your life. With a relatively small investment you can achieve great results!

If you need support, someone to talk to. Someone who really listens and does not immediately come up with advice and solutions, but who pays attention to your feelings and emotions. Someone who holds up a mirror for you and helps you break through your thoughts and habits, so that you can clearly see what you want and what makes you feel good.

Are you ready to feel more powerful, confident and happier?
I'd feel privileged to be able to guide and help you 
in your quest for more happiness and direction.

♡ With love, Valerie

Your investment

Orientation session  EUR 66,-
Single Holistic Lifecoach session  EUR 88,-
Traject 10 coach sessions / free orientation session   EUR 888,-