Ever since I was younger, I've felt more than I could explain.
Over the years I learned how to work with my gifts.

Now I use my psychic skills to put others at ease, connecting with energy.  
You will receive guidance and clarity around the particular challenges you are currently facing in your life.  Sometimes I use my Tarot cards.

What can you expect from a Reading from me?

I would like to state that we are all connected to an inner source of wisdom.
We all have spirits around us who want to give us insights, handles, clarity, confirmations and healing. Sometimes it might be difficult to make contact yourself. In this case it is nice to go for a Reading. 

Would you like insights? Do you have questions about a situation, a relationship, a blockage or a certain feeling that you can't put your finger on, for example? Or do you want to get to know yourself better? Are you on a crossroad and don't know which way to go? Do you want to view and highlight certain situations from a different perspective?
Then you've come to the right place!

I give readings in my practice in Brielle, the Netherlands.
but readings also can be given  remotely. 
[Global Service]
It is not necessary to meet each other physically,  because it's also possible via ZOOM or Whatsapp video call.
With the mini Readings I also have the option to do it in writing.
The advantage of this is that you get the Reading fully worked out in writing and you can always pick it up again.

A mini Reading: Don't want to go for a full reading? But would you like to receive insight?
Then a mini reading might be something for you!
Your investment / the energy exchange of a mini Reading is EUR 22,-

Single question / Short advice:
When you feel you are at a crossroads in your life.

Your investment / the energy exchange of a Short advice  is EUR 22,-

Reading:  Your investment / the energy exchange of a reading is EUR 88,-

Extended reading: In an extended reading there is enough space to ask all your questions.
Your investment / the energy exchange of an extensive reading is EUR 133,-